Monday, January 15, 2007

How Can it Be 30 Degrees in LA?

Some quick notes on the Golden Globes:

It was fairly predictable. I got 18 out of 25 (I was most surprised by "Babel," "Ugly Betty," and America Ferrera). I haven't seen any of those, but how can "Babel" be the best movie if it didn't win anything else? Something doesn't add up there. But the "Ugly Betty" people and Ferrera were so excited, so I'm happy for them. That's how you're supposed to react when you win an award.

I knew Meryl Streep was going to win, but I just have to say, and I know this is an unpopular opinion (although I know some who will back me up on this), she is a terrible actress. She overacts in EVERYTHING she does. I don't care how long she has been doing this, she's always the same. Her speech wasn't bad, though, except she can't pronounce volver.

Yeah Eddie Murphy! He deserved to win, but his speech was so boring.

Not to be mean, but ha ha Leo. You got nominated twice and you still didn't win.

I'm all for Warren Beatty getting recognized, but Tom Hanks said "balls" and "1962" too many times. He could have saved about 10 minutes. Still, I am a sucker for career montages.

I miss Ludacris. He was at every award show last year. The Golden Globes needed more Ludacris.

I really need to see "The Queen" and "The Last King of Scotland," but they're not playing in Syracuse right now.

I've been watching too much E! today...


Anonymous said...

"The Queen" is playing at the Manlius cinema. Or at least it was as of this past weekend.

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