Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memories of Patrick Lee

Yesterday, I was shocked to hear that Patrick Lee, the blogger behind Just Shows to Go You and a writer for TheaterMania, had passed away. He was only 51.

I didn't know him too well, but I have some fond memories of him. We were in the Independent Theater Bloggers Association (ITBA) together. The first time I had an extended conversation with him was when we sat near each other at F#@king Up Everything at NYMF. After the show, we both agreed that this particular show was the best we'd seen so far at NYMF. I really valued his opinion, and it was nice that we agreed. It was always a treat to run into him at shows.

My favorite memory of Patrick was just a little over a month ago when a few of us bloggers met up for brunch to discuss nominations for our ITBA nominations (Patrick was the awards director). I'm so glad I attended because I had a great time discussing shows with my fellow bloggers, especially Patrick, who was hilarious, but still on task and very dedicated to making the awards as fair as possible.

In addition to our conversations, I was a regular reader of his theater blog for its well-written criticism and insightful interviews. He will be missed.

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Off The List said...

My first contact with Patrick was also F#@king Up Everything, as I am the producer of the show. I had thanked him for his enthusiastic response to our NYMF production and he turned it around saying, "no, thank you". I wish I knew him better; I've heard great things about him from others whose opinions I value. He will be missed. - Jeremy