Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fringe Review: Not Another Teen Solo Show

I feel like Rati Gupta and I could be friends. She speaks in references to '90s teen movies, a language I am fluent in. And even if you aren't familiar with the films, while watching her show, Not Another Teen Solo Show, it's easy to feel like you're already friends with her. She constantly exclaims, "You guys!" like you're besties and she has the coolest story to tell you.

Gupta grew up in Indiana, an Indian girl at a Catholic private school. She wanted her life to be like the teen movies, which taught her that the secret to being popular was to be the perfect combination of cheerleader, slut, and bitch. Gupta is an engaging storyteller. During her costume changes (no costume designer is listed so I'm not sure if Gupta picked out the outfits herself, but they are perfect for each scene), there are short videos (directed and produced by John Wynn and Kurt Anderson of Punching Bees Productions) that spoof movies like Bring It On and Cruel Intentions.

If you've ever put a lot of thought about your AIM away message, this show is probably for you. Oh and Rati, if you're reading this, I'm up for a teen movie marathon any time.

There is one remaining performance of Not Another Teen Solo Show on Thursday August 22 at 2:00 p.m.

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