Thursday, August 03, 2006

All You Need is Ears

That's the name of George Martin's book, by the way. I wanted to add something about "The Beatles Love." The reason I was so amazed by this show is that as somebody who has been listening to the music of the Beatles since I was born, it is difficult to hear the music in a new way. While I never stop being in awe of their music, I have heard it so many times that I don't really listen to it anymore. I play their albums and sing along, but I know exactly what is going to come next. So to hear their music in this new way brought out all these new ways of thinking about their music. Take a song like "Tomorrow Never Knows." The song has lost a little bit of it's mystery after seeing the Anthology. I know how they did the looping, I know that one of those funny sounds is Paul McCartney laughing. In the show, you hear the opening of "Tomorrow Never Knows" and George Harrison starts singing "Within You Without You." It's jarring at first, but it made me actually listen to the music in a way I haven't for a long time. I almost hope they release the soundtrack to this show so I can really study the music and unravel all the mysteries of it.

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