Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sarah Silverman Saves the VMAs

I'm sitting here watching the MTV Video Music Awards in an attempt to expose myself to more music. Why I am wasting time with this instead of doing homework (of which I have a lot) I have no idea. The VMAs are at times painfully boring and at times just painful. I don't think I'm the only one who feels like this because everybody in the audience looks like they are dying. I think there is a lot of hatred/ego in that room. Here are some random thoughts on the festivities:
I miss Ludacris's hair.

Justin Timberlake is not bringing sexy back unless sexy is a white boy who thinks he can dance.
There is nothing original about him. How is this any different from that other hit song of his where he did that Michael Jackson impersonation? And it is not really necessary for every person to make a sexy back joke.

Jack Black should have been the best thing about this show, but he is barely in it, and when he is, he isn't that funny. His song at the beginning would have been better with the School of Rock kids or with Kyle Gass, the other half of Tenacious D. Although Jack Black's assertion that he was Jared Leto and Kyle Gass was his 30 Second to Mars was one of the wittiest moments of the evening. Maybe Jack Black just isn't meant to be a host (he was disappointing at the Nickelodeon awards as well).

Sarah Silverman saved the night. She looked adorable as always. She had one bit about Lance Bass, one about not doing drugs, and one begging Paris Hilton to lose weight. These are not the funniest things she's ever done, but in the context of the evening, it was a welcome relief. Unfortunately, they never panned to Paris Hilton during Sarah Silverman's speech, so I'm not sure what she thought.

I was going to spend more time talking about the performances and such, but it's not even worth it. A final thought, if I could sum up the event in one word it would be awkward. Nobody looked comfortable, the speeches made no sense half the time, and the presenters were often mis-paired, which I don't think is a real word.

I was going to end it there, but I'm still watching and Al Gore showed up. I take back my earlier statement, a sexy back joke is worth it if Al Gore says it.

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