Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Would you like a CD to go with your latte?

A follow up to my posting about Starbucks music. Last night I worked and somebody purchased a CD. It was a Sam Moore (of Sam and Dave) album with various guest artists including Jon Bon Jovi and Mariah Carey. He was buying it as a gift and when I tried to ask him about it, he didn't seem to know anything about the music.

We were playing the "contemporary grind" mix in the store, which is a random mix of songs, some of which we sell and some of which we don't. When Modest Mouse, "Gravity Rides Everything,"was playing, a girl commented that it was a great song. She was also very excited about the new John Mayer album, but she didn't buy it.

What grand conclusions can I draw from this? I think it's too soon to tell. It does seem that people buy albums at Starbucks without really knowing what they are. I don't think anybody goes to Starbucks with the intention of buying music, but I have noticed that people will often impulsively buy a CD. This still doesn't tell me if those who buy the CDs are likely to seek out other music from that artist's career.

I'll keep my eye out for more of these observations. It'll give me something to do at work besides make the best caramel macchiatos ever.

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project culture said...

wow! you auditioned for real world. unreal! i didn't know mtv actually canvasses the country, looking for candidates. i also didn't know you work at starbucks. and guess what: i bought a cd once at a starbucks in jersey. it was a compilation of folk artists. proceeds went to some cause -- "save the small farmer" or "help the hungry" or something like that.