Monday, October 23, 2006

Find a Box to Put BK Inside

After the Ben Kweller concert Friday, Oct. 20 at Webster Hall in NYC, an audience member who had never even heard of Ben Kweller before the show said, "I would have paid $100 for that show."

Ben Kweller played his best tracks from all three of his albums. He chose some fan favorites and some that had sentimental value to him resulting in a concert with a personal touch that was more than worth the $20 ticket price.

He made his NYC audience feel like family by dedicating "My Apartment," which is about his Brooklyn home, to them. He also dedicated "Family Tree" to his proud parents who were in attendance.

During "Thirteen," Kweller stopped mid-verse claiming he had a hair in his throat, but it seemed pretty obvious that he was choking up. He has said that "Thirteen" is his favorite and most personal song and before he began he dedicated it to his wife and baby. The mishap did not faze the audience who cheered as Kweller recomposed himself.

On My Way, Kweller's second album, is his weakest, but he chose the strongest tracks to represent it-- the pensive "On My Way," the amusing "Hospital Bed," and the "The Rules." "The Rules" is not a standout on the album, but Kweller always rocks that number live, dancing around the stage like a teenager.

By the time Kweller played his second encore, the popular "Wasted and Ready" from his debut album, Sha Sha, everybody was singing along. Even when the lights came on, fans were waiting around, hoping he'd come out again for one more song.

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