Sunday, November 05, 2006

Don't Need No Credit Card to Ride This Train

The title is misleading, this is actually a posting about the new Harry and the Potters album, "The Power of Love," as you can clearly see from the photo. The album was released when I was in Boston (you can pretty much only find it there and online) and I didn't buy it as I'm a poor grad student, so I e-mailed the band and told them that I was an arts journalism student and I asked them if I could have a copy, and they sent me one. I like this arts journalism thing. I am reviewing it for Jerk Magazine, but the reviews there are short, so I was limited to 150 words. I don't think it will appear until the December issue, but here is a preview:

Harry and the Potters and the Power of Love [Charming Records, Sept. 2006]

A band that only sings about Harry Potter may seem like a passing novelty, but two Bostonian brothers have kept it going since 2002 as Harry and the Potters.

The Power of Love, Paul and Joe DeGeorge’s third album, is based on the sixth book in the Potter series. With so much material in the novel, there is no excuse for any weak songs, like space-fillers about rocking, which seem to be a product of laziness.

The boys can be forgiven for their oversights with fun songs like the danceable “(not gonna put on) the Monkey Suit” and clever observations about teenage angst and budding relationships. Surprisingly, the best tracks are not the humorous ones, but the touching violin and cello heavy “Dumbledore” and the anthemic “Phoenix Song,” in which the boys carry the pain of Potter in their vocals.

After the seventh book is released, Harry and the Potters have one more shot to make a great album, and they just might have it in them.

The album can be purchased on the band’s website,

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