Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Burgers and Cupcakes

The brown awning with orange and pink lettering seems out of place on the stretch of Ninth Ave. between 35th and 36th in Manhattan. Mitchel London's restaurant, Burgers & Cupcakes, is trendy (in that it's so kitschy it's cool), but on a Saturday at lunch, there were plenty of tables. Perhaps it's the location, or perhaps word hasn't spread, because New Yorkers will wait any amount of time for some good burgers or cupcakes, and Burgers & Cupcakes has both.

As the name suggests, there are few food options besides burgers and cupcakes, but there is a breakfast menu. At $5.95 and $1 for each additional toppings, the tiny burgers are not cheap, but the veggie burger was one of the best I've ever had. Toppings include different types of cheeses, vegetarian chili (which they were not serving that day, much to my disappointment), pizza, and cranberry sauce. Burgers come with pickles not fries, but it's worth paying a little extra if you like your fries salty.

The cupcake display is the first thing you see when you walk in and it will taunt you all through your meal, so it's impossible not to get one. Small cupcakes cast $2 and large cupcakes cost $3. There are traditional cupcakes, vanilla and chocolate, and some more unusual like carrot with cream cheese frosting. The blueberry with buttercream frosting is delicious (you can't get that at Magnolia). The frosting is piled high on all the cupcakes, but it's not too sweet and just the right consistency.

With such a winning combination, Burgers & Cupcakes probably won't stay a secret for long, especially since they deliver. If there's anything New Yorkers like more than burgers and cupcakes, it's free delivery.


Unknown said...

Why are cupcakes so trendy now?

Linda said...

It probably has something to do with Sex and the City or Magnolia bakery or both. Are they trendy everywhere or just in NYC? It might also have to do with nostalgia for childhood and carefree times. Anyway, they are yummy, so I don't really mind them being trendy.