Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Is New Line Thinking?

Playbill reports that New Line bought the screen rights to Rock of Ages, an off-Broadway musical playing at the New World Stages. I'm not in the film business, but this doesn't seem like a great idea, especially in these troubled times. This musical has a fan base, but it is by no means a well-known hit. It's also not very good, a weak and unoriginal story that's basically filler to showcase '80s songs. The audience members that enjoyed the show when I saw it seemed to be more into the alcohol (which can be ordered during the show right to your seat) than anything else. It's also a show that encourages audience participation, so I can't see how these aspects will be brought to the big screen.


Dante A. Ciampaglia said...

It's got cult hit written all over it. Probably more in the vein of Hedwig than Rocky Horror, but cult nonetheless.

Linda said...

Perhaps, but I don't think it has enough of a fan base to merit a cult following, at least not yet.

Linda said...

For anyone keeping tabs, this show is now going to Broadway. I'm not how smart a move this is, with so many shows struggling right now, but I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.