Sunday, March 04, 2012

Nick Jonas May Steal the Most Adorable Man on Broadway Title From Jerry O'Connell

It's too bad that Broadway Talks With Jordan Roth: Nick Jonas at 92Y wasn't sold out tonight, because I believe everyone in the auditorium would have bought a ticket to see him in How To Succeed On Business Without Really Trying. That's how charming Nick Jonas was (not unlike his predecessor Daniel Radcliffe). Roth, president of Jujamcyn Theaters, is a better interviewer than many professional journalists, and the evening was full of memorable moments. Here is a quick rundown of what I took away from the evening:
-I don't know when it happened, but Nick Jonas went from being the serious Jonas Brother, to being a totally hilarious and talkative young man. He joked with the audience and went off on some delightful tangents.
-Nick Jonas fans are possibly the loudest in the world. The auditorium was not as full as it was for the Daniel Radcliffe and Billie Joe Armstrong talks, and yet it sounded like there were 10 times as many people. I could have done without the screams and "aaahs" after everything he said, but I must admitted, his fans are pretty adorable. At one point he mentioned Elvis Costello and everyone cheered. He is pretty vocal about his Elvis Costello fandom, and I love that he has turn all his fans into Elvis Costello fans. I was possibly the only non-tween or teen there aside from the mothers.
-Speaking of adorable fan moments, when asked about roles he'd like to tackle on Broadway, he said Frankie Valli and sang a little "My Eyes Adored You." He also said Fiyero and mentioned some of his favorite songs from the show ("For Good," "Defying Gravity," and "As Long As Your Mine.") When asked to sing some "As Long As You're Mine," he said he needed someone to sing the other part, and most of the audience leapt from their seats to be chosen, but none more enthusiastically than the girl sitting across the aisle from me, who I thought might pass out. In the end, he ended up singing a little of it on his own.
-Jonas has some other Broadway aspirations in his five year plan. He would like to originate a role on Broadway, be involved in the Tonys somehow (he didn't want to be too specific as he didn't want to assume he'd be good enough to win one), and WRITE A BROADWAY MUSICAL.
-Some of his Broadway idols are Kristen Chenoweth, Stephen Schwartz, and...wait for it... ADAM PASCAL. This obviously made me love Jonas a million times more.
-Jonas is fascinated by aliens. I am clearly not a true fan because I didn't already know this.
-Jonas is a big fan of Love Never Dies and had a lot of very nice things to say about Ramin Karimloo. He wouldn't sing "Til I Hear You Sing" because he didn't think he could do it justice.
-He likes to prepare for How to Succeed... by singing Les Misérables. All the parts. I demand that he record this.
-There were quite a few SMASH shoutouts as both he and Roth have made guest appearances. Jonas mentioned that he thinks the show is a realistic portrayal of Broadway. I hope he reads our reality index.

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