Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Belated Chanukah

Photo credit: Carol Rosegg
Chanukah may be over, but it's not too late to get into the spirit. Jackie Hoffman's A Chanukah Charol is playing on Friday and Saturday nights at New World Stages through December 29.

As you may have guessed from the title, the one-woman show, co-written and directed by Michael Schiralli, is based on A Christmas Carol. Hoffman plays herself, or a version of herself, a Chanukah Scrooge who is frustrated with her career. Patrick Stewart (also played by Hoffman) narrates as she finds herself performing in a Chanukah show at a synagogue in Queens. After leaving the stage in the middle of her show, she is visited by three ghosts, and you can probably guess the rest.

Hoffman excels at bitter, self-deprecating humor. But as funny as the show is (some bits land better than others), she doesn't shy away from a few serious moments. The show runs at a little more than an hour. Any more and the schtick would wear thin, but as it is, it's the perfect length and it ends early enough that you can still attend a holiday party or two after.

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