Sunday, May 20, 2012

Three Finches: A Handy Chart

How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying closes on Broadway today. I'm sad to see it go. It has a lovely score, some of the best (and best looking) dancers on Broadway, and great merchandise (I'm really hoping those Nick Jonas pillows show up at the Broadway Flea Market this year). I was lucky enough to see all three actors who played J. Pierrepont Finch, so I've decided to commemorate its run with a chart comparing the three. I've placed an asterisk by the winner in each category.

Comedic Timing
Daniel Radcliffe
Not his strongest suit, but there's a pleasant quality to his voice, and the singing required of the character is not too difficult.
* The most natural, especially when he did his look-at-the-audience-and-smile.
Considering he apparently never had a dance lesson before the show, Harry Potter sure can bust a move.
* Played Finch as someone who knew what he was doing, but you still rooted for him.
* On and off the stage, Radcliffe always charms.
Darren Criss
without the help of Glee’s autotune, sometimes going out of tune.
Seemed to be trying too hard, milking every line more than necessary.
* His strongest area, possibly the best of the three, although they all mastered Rob Ashford's choreography. But I wanted to give Criss the edge in at least one category.
His weakest area, but he also had the least amount of time in the role. 
Maybe because he doesn’t seem as humble or nice in real life, he was the hardest to root for.
Nick Jonas
* When not doing his nasally Jonas Brother rock star voice, the youngest Jo Bro can sing. Don’t believe me? Check out his How To Succeed… EP.
Not as funny as Radcliffe, but made some unique choices that worked, such as whispering “Finch” while using jazz hands.
Also nailed it.
Played Finch as someone who didn’t plan each move. It kind of all fell into his lap. Since he’s the youngest, it worked for him.
Again, his youth and adorableness (is that a word?) worked in his favor.

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