Friday, May 11, 2012


For the past few months, Dave and I have been deep in the throngs of SMASH-land, breaking down every "Totally True" moment, and "Oh Hell No" action in our weekly SMASH REALITY INDEX. This has given us the keen ability to break apart a SMASH episode in our sleep; a skill that will get us very far in life, except probably not at all. 

That being said, we're going to miss this crazy hour of television during summer hiatus. So we thought it'd be fun to celebrate it on the eve of its first graduation. Just in time for the season 1 finale (airing Monday, May 14 on NBC at 10 p.m.), we bring you THE ULTIMATE SMASH BINGO GAME. Print it out, cut it out, and play along with us on Twitter, finale night (@NineDaves, @PataphysicalSci). Like most games of bingo, we're going for five in a row here (across, down, or on the diagonal) - though we're pretty sure the board will be full by the second commercial break. 


Major thanks to @k532 for designing the board for us! We love it like Sam loves Jesus! 


Sacramento Theatre said...

How cool is this! Thanks for putting this together. Great way to celebrate the season finale!

Games Of Bingo said...

This is so nice! There should be a celebration of season finale. I am also thinking to have lot of enjoy.

Unknown said...

Nice post!Thanks for designing the board for us! We love it like Sam loves Jesus!
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